Uttaranchal Tourism
Welcome to Uttranchal.The newly formed Indian state of Uttaranchal is a heaven for the tourism and tourist from all over India and world. Dehradun is capital of Uttaranchal. Uttaranchal is a popular tourist state of India for its natural beauty , varied terrains , pilgimage centre and the hill station. Tourist and devotees from India and abroad travel to the sacred places in Uttarachal like Haridwar , Rishikesh , Kedarnath , Badrinath ,Yamnotri and Gangotri etc. It has many mountains covered with snow.Many pilgrimages & uncovered natural beauty .Uttaranchal is indeed paradise for Tourists of varied interests.we are just to try covered this beauty of Uttaranchal.
Famous Places
Religious Places Adventures
There are many pilgrimage in uttranchal.uttaranchal is known for many stories of Gods.There are many places in Uttaranchal where we can see many unnatural things. These places attract spritual tourist to Uttaranchal. For these religious places Uttarachal is famous for spritual tourism.
The Himalayas with gushing rivers, majestic snow-clad peaks, enchanting lakes and a rich plethora of flora and fauna, is described as the “Abode of Gods”. quite naturally then, the blissful air of divinity and postcard - picture beauty that envelopes the himalayas lends Uttaranchal a touch of paradise.
Culture Lesser known
The rich culture of Uttaranchal makes a definite contribution to the ocean of the great Indian culture. Even Today these are of immense interest for anthropologists, art historians, tourist and art lovers.
There are many tourist and religious places in Uttaranchal that are not known to everyone , But they are full of natural beauty . These places of Uttaranchal can attract anyone and the person can forget all the tension and problem & fell reliefness in the pure atmosphere. Enjoy Uttaranchal Tourism
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