Pithoragarh's Temple
Dhwaj Temple
10 kms. by bus and 4 kms. on foot, this place commands a panoramic view of majestic snow peak of the north. It is also well known for the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Maa Jayanti. Dhwaj is at an elevation of 2100 mts. above sea level.
Narayan Ashram
14 kms from Tawaghat, Narayan Arsram is situated at at an elevation of 2734 mts. above sea level. This was established by Narayan Swami in 1936. The Ashram is a spiritual cum-socio educational center.This Ashram is idyllic surroundings and surrounded by a multitude of flowers. The serene atmosphere, the enervating discourses, the library, meditation-room and samadhi sthal provide solace to the yatris
Patal Bhubaneshwar
14 kms to the north of Gangolihat and 91 kms. from Pithoragarh Patal Bhubaneshwar is located at an elevation of 1350 mts. above sea level. The way to the temple is through a narrow tunnel shaped cave. The main passage way opens into several small caves which have in them the stone carvings of many local Gods and Goddesses and can evoke weird romantic fancies and images in the religiously inclined person. The cave temple of Patal Bhubaneshwar is traditionally believed to be the abode of thousands of deities of the hindu pantheon.
Thal Kedar
16 kms. Pithoragarh, Thal Kedar is an important religious centre and also noted for its natural beauty. A large fair is held on the occasion of Shivratri
Kapileshwar Mahadev
3 kms. away from the city, there is a cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place is an ideal view point for Soar valley, nearby places as well as Himalayan peaks.
General Information
Altitute: 2135 mts.
Clothing: Summer - Light woolen/cotton
Winter - Heavy woolen
Season: Round the year.
Language: Hindi, Kumaoni & English
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